Our Results.

You have plenty of options, and we believe it is important that you have the opportunity to review our proven results. These are some of our publicly available federal cases.

VanHearron, Inc., et al. v. Scales,
W.D. Ark., No. 15-CV-2030-PKH – Removed case to federal court based on diversity after client was sued for trade secret theft, fraud, and breach of contract. Secured prompt dismissal of case without payment or concession by client.

Kansas Wheat Alliance, et al
. v. Parker, et al.,
D. Kan., No. 14-CV-1103-DDC-KGG – Secured $200,000 Consent Judgment against commercial wheat producer for infringing rights in federally protected wheat varieties.

Oklahoma Genetics, Inc. v. Hayden,
W.D. Okla., No. 14-CV-1142-R – Obtained $200,000 Consent Judgment against certified seed grower who operated outside of license agreement and violated intellectual property laws.

Marigold, Inc. v. Blackhive Corp., Inc., W.D. Ark., No. 14-CV-5139-JLH – Served as local counsel to Chicago-based manufacturer in multi-million dollar breach of contract action involving sugar commodities contracts. Settled matter to client’s satisfaction.

P.S. Products, Inc., et al. v. SSW Company, LLC, E.D. Ark., No. 14-CV-289-BSM – Defended online retailer against patent infringement claims. Situated case for prompt dismissal at minimal cost to client.

Oklahoma Agri. Experiment Station and Johnston Enterprises, Inc. v. JJ&J, Inc., et al., D. Kan., No. 13-CV-1081 – Obtained $100,000 Consent Judgment against sod company and proprietor of dozens of golf courses throughout Kansas and Missouri region. Defendant admitted intellectual property infringement in its reproduction, use, and sale to third parties of a federally protected Bermudagrass known as Riviera.

Redman & Associates, LLC v. Fisher-Price, Inc. and Mattel, Inc., W.D. Ark., No. 13-CV-5071-TLB – Defended Walmart toy vendor in patent infringement suit relating to a children’s electric ride-on toy. After Fisher-Price threatened client with patent infringement action, we instituted preemptive declaratory judgment action in local federal court to control venue, and then situated case for settlement to client’s satisfaction.

NDSU Research Foundation v. Sexauer Discount Farm Services, Inc., D.S.D., No. 13-CV-4115-KES – Advanced infringement claims against South Dakota agricultural retailer for unauthorized sales of proprietary oat varieties developed by North Dakota State University. Suit was settled to client’s satisfaction.

Winston Co., Inc. v. Redman & Associates, LLC, et al., N.D. Okla., No. 12-CV-646-CVE-TLW – Defended Walmart toy vendor against patent infringement claims asserted by Tulsa-based company. Achieved dismissal of lawsuit without payment or concession by client.

Seminole Consulting and Marketing, Inc., v. Int’l Greetings USA, Inc., W.D. Ark., No. 12-CV-5176-JLH – Defended Walmart holiday-gift vendor against copyright infringement claims asserted by Georgia-based gift wrap vendor. Instituted preemptive declaratory judgment action in local federal court to control venue, and then situated case for prompt settlement to client’s satisfaction.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Cauthon, et al., D. Kan., No. 12-CV-1346-SAC-KGS – Obtained $100,000 Consent Judgment against Kansas wheat producer for infringement of federally protected wheat varieties owned by Swiss-based agricultural giant, Syngenta.

Kansas Wheat Alliance, et al. v. Thunderbird Seed Conditioning LLC, et al., D. Colo., No. 12-CV-1171-MEH – Obtained judgment against affiliated Colorado farming companies.

UNL Technology Development Corp., et al. v. Christensen, et al., D.S.D., No. 12-CV-3027-RAL – Obtained $40,000 Consent Judgment against South Dakota farming operation for unauthorized sales of proprietary wheat varieties developed by the University of Nebraska.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. McFadden, D. Kan., No. 12-CV-1347 – Advanced PVP infringement action against Kansas wheat producer for unauthorized sales of proprietary wheat varieties. Resolved case to client’s satisfaction.

Jones v. Walls, et al., N.D. Okla., No. 07-CV-107-GKF-PJC – Defended against patent infringement claims having original demand against our client of $16,000,000. In connection with a multi-day jury trial, we invalidated the underlying patent using admissions of inventor-Jones during his trial testimony. On directed verdict, the Court made specific factual finding of inequitable conduct on the part of the inventor-Jones and ruled the patent invalid pursuant to Secs. 102 and 103. After situating earlier-stated counterclaims for fraud in the procurement of the patent and following directed verdict, the firm advanced the counterclaims on theory of Handgards and Walker-Process anti-trust liability. Before the case was given to the jury on these counterclaims, Jones settled in our client’s favor by executing a consent judgment of $200,000 payable to our client, S.A. Walls, to help recoup cost to defend the baseless suit.

Watley Seed Co. v. Bronco Seed Co., et al., N.D. Tex., No. 10-CV-271-C – Secured Consent Judgments and settlement agreements for PVP infringement claims totaling $616,000 against 17 Texas defendants engaged in the sale, purchase, or conditioning of proprietary TAM 112 hard red winter wheat seed. The case began against two producers and a seed conditioner, but in the course of discovery it was determined the seed conditioner facilitated a far larger network of unauthorized activity in a local community. We initiated the case by seeking and receiving a TRO that permitted, with the aid of federal marshals, a surprise seizure of evidence from the business at the center of the piracy network.

Rotoworks Int’l Ltd. v. Grassworks USA, LLC, W.D. Ark., No. 07-CV-5009 – Obtained a preliminary injunction and a substantial jury verdict against the exclusive U.S. distributor of a New Zealand agricultural implement for engaging in a bait-and-switch operation in this trademark infringement case. Our firm represented the New Zealand trademark owner. A jury returned verdict of $375,000 for intentional trademark infringement and the court additionally awarded $191,699 in attorneys’ fees.

BASF v. Arnold, et al., E.D. Ark., No. 04-CV-0311 – Secured $2.5 million Consent Judgment for willful patent infringement against more than twenty co-defendants in a case involving patented traits in rice seed.

United States ex rel. Lee v. Chambers Bank and Regions Bank, W.D. Ark., No. 06-CV-2134-RTD – Prosecuted qui tam action under federal False Claims Act on behalf of federal government and immigrant poultry farmers against two banks. Lawsuit alleged the banks submitted fraudulent loan applications to obtain federal loan guarantees through the USDA’s Farm Service Agency. Reached settlements with the banks for payments totaling $242,500.

Garrison, et al. v. Jones T.V., et al.Washington Co., Ark.No. CV-11-2388-4 – Defended Hollywood producers in lawsuit concerning television show Last Shot with Judge Gunn. Situated summary judgment motion on First Amendment and intellectual property grounds, which precipitated plaintiffs’ nonsuit of case without recovery.

Southeast X-Ray, Inc., et al. v. Spears, et al., W.D. Ark., No. 13-CV-2026-PKH – Defended against claims of copyright infringement and trade secret theft in case involving X-Ray imaging software. Defeated plaintiffs’ efforts to secure preliminary injunction and reached successful resolution.

Hernandez v. National Account Systems, Inc., et al., W.D. Ark., No. 05-CV-5185-RTD – Instituted class action suit on behalf of similarly-situated debtors against collection agency and its healthcare-provider clients. Lawsuit alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, among other claims. Achieved successful resolution.

Kansas Wheat Alliance and Colorado Wheat Research Foundation v. Hooker, et al., D. Kan., No. 12-CV-2190-EFM-KGS – Secured Consent Judgment and settlement agreement for $250,000 for PVP infringement claims arising from unauthorized conditioning of wheat seed in violation of the plaintiffs’ federal rights.

Digital Depot, Inc. v. Hannover House, Inc., et al., Washington Co., Ark., No. CV-2009-3532-4 – Obtained judgment of $78,000 on behalf of Nevada company in debt collection case. Targeted writ of garnishment to merchandising company in Texas that resulted in immediate lump sum recovery of full judgment with interest and costs.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Jones, et al., W.D. Tex., No. 12-CV-279-WSS – Obtained $100,000 Consent Judgment against Texas agricultural supply company for infringement of proprietary seed variety.

Biobased Technologies, LLC v. Newbold, Washington Co., Ark., No. CV-11-1066-7 – Defended against claims of trade secret theft and breach of contract in case involving eco-friendly foam insulation. Defeated plaintiff’s motion for preliminary injunction and attained successful resolution.

Pennington Seed, Inc. and Grasslanz Technology Ltd. v. Hartzell, W.D. Mo., No. 11-CV-03311 – Obtained $100,000 Consent Judgment against Missouri defendant who infringed plaintiffs’ patented tall fescue grass seed technology. The defendant had planted, harvested, and resold the progeny without authority.

University of Nebraska, et al. v. Voichahoske, et al., D. Neb., No. 11-CV-3147-RGK-CRZ – Obtained $50,000 Consent Judgment against Nebraska wheat producers for infringement of intellectual property rights under PVPA.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Barlow, et al., W.D. Mo., No. 11-CV-00923 – Obtained Confession of Judgment for $100,000 for unauthorized sales of federally protected wheat seed.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Taylor, et al., W.D. Okla., No. 11-CV-01081 – Obtained settlement for PVP infringement by Oklahoma defendants.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Elmore, et al., N.D. Tex., No. 11-CV-00189 – Obtained settlement of PVP infringement case against a Texas defendant involved in unauthorized purchases, uses, and/or sales of plaintiff’s federally protected wheat varieties.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. and Garst Seed Co. v. Hartwell, et al., N.D. Tex., No. 10-CV-219 – Obtained Consent Judgments and settlements of PVP infringement claims worth $200,000 against Texas defendants, including a local seed conditioner.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Hering, et al., W.D. Tex., No. 11-CV-260 – Settled PVP case concerning proprietary wheat seed.

BASF v. Miller – Resolved patent infringement claim against an Oklahoma defendant with settlement in the amount of $75,000.

NDSU Research Foundation v. Maus – Obtained settlement via Mutual Release Agreement in PVP infringement case concerning proprietary Alsen variety wheat seed.

Watley Seed Co. v. Flax, et al. – Represented Watley Seed Company in PVPA suit in Kansas federal courts to successful conclusion.

South Dakota State University v. Hauge, D.S.D., No. 09-CV-4099-LLP – Advanced PVPA suit for farmer-to-farmer transfer of PVP protected wheat seed. Defendant confessed damages of $47,500.

South Dakota State University v. Coughlin, D.S.D., No. 09-CV-4100-LLP – Advanced PVPA suit for University for unauthorized farmer-to-farmer transfer of PVP protected wheat seed and achieved favorable settlement. Defendant confessed damages of $30,000.

South Dakota State University v. Bannwarth Farms, LLC, et al., D.S.D., No. 09-CV-4098-LLP – Advanced suit against South Dakota farming operation for violation of PVPA. Defendant confessed damages of $32,500.

South Dakota State University v. Zemlicka, D.S.D., No. 09-CV-4097-LLP – Advanced PVPA suit for University to successful conclusion.

Kansas Wheat Alliance v. Riffel Farms – Advanced PVPA suit for farmer-to-farmer transfer of PVP protected wheat seed. Total amount of settlement was $300,000.

Kansas Wheat Alliance, Kansas State University Research Foundation, and Westbred, LLC v. Riffel Farms, Inc., D. Kan., No. 6:09-CV-01121-MLB-DWB – Obtained judgment against parties involved in substantial infringement of PVPA protected rights as owned by the Kansas State Research Foundation in this PVPA infringement case.

Kansas Wheat Alliance v. Rossillon, et al., D. Kan., No. 09-CV-1346-MLB-KMH – Obtained $100,000 Consent Judgment against Kansas wheat producers for unauthorized sales of federally protected wheat varieties.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. and Garst Seed Company Inc. v. RFE, Inc. d/b/a Agri Products, Inc., E.D. Okla., No. CIV-07-313-FHS – Secured settlement following institution of litigation over infringement of PVP rights.

AgriPro Wheat v. Vache, W.D. Okla., No. 07-CV-0175-T – Entered judgment against seedsman for unauthorized use of PVP protected wheat in western Oklahoma. Executed upon full judgment amount of $50,000 following noncompliance with the injunctive terms of the judgment.

Baker Seed Company v. Turf Merchants and Seeds, Inc., D. Ore., No. 07-CV-6206-HO – Secured three-party settlement for unauthorized use of proprietary Barracuda variety of redtop bentgrass for small seed development company.

Sobba v. Elmen, E.D. Ark., No. 06-CV-00941 – Defended derivative claims of trademark infringement against a corporation’s largest shareholder, resulting in the denial of a motion for preliminary injunction.

Colorado Wheat Research Foundation, Inc. v. Kelly, D. Colo., No. 06-CV-2304 – In the first prosecution stemming from our sponsorship of FYI, we stopped a farmer from undercutting the market for two PVP-protected seed varieties developed using public funds at a state university.

AgriPro Wheat v. Jessen, D. Neb., No. 06-CV-697 – Secured a substantial PVP infringement judgment in Nebraska.

AgriPro Wheat v. LB Grain, Inc., D. Minn., No. 06-CV-4721 – Procured judgment for PVP infringement in Minnesota.

Douglass King Co. v. K-AG, Inc., W.D. Tex., No. SA-06-CV-00100 – Settled PVP infringement lawsuit against multiple parties in Texas.

Jose’, Inc. v. Specialty Brands, L.P., 06-CV-05034 – Sought declarative relief in federal court and in the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board in response to threats of legal action against our client, who had been using the trademark in question for over twenty-five years.

Pennington Seed, Inc. v. Anderson, W.D. Mo., No. 06-CV-00564 – Obtained judgment in patent infringement case against Missouri defendant involving patent rights covering non-toxic endophytes in tall fescue.

Porter v. Ark. Game and Fish Found., W.D. Ark., No. 05-CV-02168 – Provided redress for the unauthorized use of our client’s photograph in a publication distributed to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Jacobs, W.D. Okla., No. 05-CV-01245 – Settled claims of PVP infringement against Oklahoma defendant.

Johnston Seed Co. v. Seeds West Inc., W.D. Okla., No. 05-CV-00768 – Defended PVP infringement action from claims made against turfgrass distributor in Oklahoma.

Burt v. S. Farm Bureau Mut. Ins. Co., Franklin Co., Ark. Case No. CV-2005-21-1 – Received declaratory judgment against insurance company for failure to provide coverage of farm products liability claims.

Edwards v. Burt, Franklin Co., Ark. Case No. CV-2004-22-1 – Defended product liability and breach of warranty claims of aflatoxin contamination in corn.

Stiles v. Burt, Franklin Co., Ark. Case No. CV-2004-10-4 – Defended product liability and breach of warranty claims of aflatoxin contamination in corn.

Dark v. Crescent Hotel and Spa, Inc., W.D. Ark., No. 04-CV-05153 – Obtained relief for our photographer client, whose image of a hotel was used on a website without permission.

Big Dog Logistics v. Alpha Trans. Serv., Inc., Benton Co., Ark. Case No. 2004-69130-7 – Enforced a substantial judgment for theft of trade secrets.

Little Rock Foot Clinic v. Travelers Indemnity Ins. Co., E.D. Ark., No. 04-cv-00214 and Little Rock Foot Clinic v. St Paul Fire & Cas. Ins. Co., No. 04-CV-00215 – Sought declarative relief for coverage of intellectual property claims under business liability policy.

Advanta USA Inc. v. Musick, W.D. Okla., No. 04-CV-00230 – Secured judgment against Oklahoma defendant on claims of PVP infringement.

Advanta USA Inc. v. Dumas Co-op Elevators, N.D. Tex., No. 04-CV-00048 – Settled case against Texas cooperative on PVP infringement claims.

Advanta USA Inc. v. Tillman Producers Coop., W.D. Okla., No. 04-CV-00229 – Settled PVP infringement case against Oklahoma cooperative.

Pennington Seed, Inc. v. Produce Exchange No. 299, W.D. Mo., No. 04-CV-04194 – Settled a patent infringement lawsuit against distributors whose fescue product allegedly infringed patent rights covering non-toxic endophytes in tall fescue owned by our client.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l v. Zinser, E.D. Ark., No. 03-CV-00285 – Settled PVP infringement claims against Arkansas defendant.

Cytomedix Inc. v. Landmark Healthcare, E.D. Ark., No. 03-CV-00387 – Defended patent infringement claims over medical device.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Stuttgart Seed Co., E.D. Ark., No. 03-CV-00221 – Won jury verdict following two-week trial for PVP infringement of multiple protected wheat varieties against multiple Arkansas defendants.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Int’l v. Porter Seeds, E.D. Ark., No. 03-CV-00057 – Settled PVP infringement claims against a defendant in Arkansas.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. El Dorado Chemical Co., W.D. Ark., No. 03-CV-1152 – Settled PVP infringement case against multi-state defendants in Arkansas and Texas.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. MBS Seed Ltd., E.D. Tex., No. 03-CV-00359 – Settled PVP infringement case against Texas and Missouri defendants.

Fawcett v. Davison, E.D. Ark., No. 02-CV-00047 – Sued invention marketing company for fraud and loss of inventor’s patent rights on claims of failing to provide adequate disclosure of statutory deadline for filing patent application.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Larkan, 02-CV-00575 – Secured judgment against Arkansas defendants for PVP infringement of protected wheat varieties.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Tichnor Drier, E.D. Ark., No. 02-CV-00335 – Obtained judgment against Arkansas defendant for PVP infringement.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Jay Farming, Inc., E.D. Ark., No. 02-CV-00130 – Settled PVP infringement claims against a seed cleaner found to be conditioning protected seed varieties.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. v. Prairie Farmers Association, Inc., E.D. Ark., No. 02-CV-00575 – Secured judgment against a grain facility for unlawfully selling seed varieties in violation of our client’s PVP rights.

Luis-Avalos v. Garcia, W.D. Ark., No. 02-CV-05132 – Obtained a verdict for treble damages owing to intentional trademark infringement after a trial conducted in Spanish.

Pfizer Inc. v. Williams, No. 01-CV-00210 – Defended trademark infringement case against claims brought by multinational pharmaceutical conglomerate.

Cotter v. Christus Gardens Inc., E.D. Ark., No. 01-CV-00322 – Pursued copyright infringement claims against defendant who made slight modification to sculpture previously found to be infringing.

Hacker v. Equity Broadcasting Corp., No. 00-CV-00115 – Asserted copyright infringement claims for photographer client against national media outlet.