These clients trust our expertise.

Our diverse clients share a common need, which is to solve a complex problem.
— Mark Murphey Henry


Your thoughts and innovations are important in today's Internet connected world. Branding and inventions are everywhere, and they are the driving force behind tomorrow's success. We handle all aspects of intellectual property protection from the beginning. We will be sure to help secure the right protection, and if or when it is infringed, then we can help hold the adverse party responsible and accountable.  


 We help entrepreneurs who understand that careful preparation on the front end of the business venture can help save money in the long run. Sometimes, it is the strategic avoidance of legal conflict that allows a business to grow to the next level. If your business ever wishes to sell its assets, then you should prepare your IP portfolio today to confirm your company will look great to a potential buyer. 


Our clients are wildly diverse in the Internet arena. Photographers, computer programmers, web application developers, and models are today part of a misunderstood system. The law is struggling to keep pace with technology, and this is where real problems happen. With the click of a button, images are broadcast to millions of viewers. Computer security is also important when talking trade secrets.