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Henry Law Firm joins Rose Law Firm. 

November 30, 2017 – Little Rock based Rose Law Firm announced today attorneys Mark M. Henry and Adam Hopkins of the Fayetteville law firm Henry Law Firm joined Rose Law Firm effective immediately.  The addition results in one of the state’s largest legal teams for intellectual property and related litigation, and it also establishes a Rose Law Firm presence in Northwest Arkansas.

The combined firm continuing as Rose Law Firm offers clients a fully integrated intellectual property practice combining its corporate, transactional and litigation capabilities.  Rose Law Firm has an array of other practice areas including agriculture, antitrust, banking, data privacy and security, estate planning, healthcare, labor and employment, tax, nonprofit and philanthropic related planning. 

“We are excited about creating one of the largest intellectual property practice groups in the Mid-South region,” said Rose Law Firm CEO, Craig S. Lair.

“Many of our clients are fast recognizing the importance of e-Commerce to tomorrow’s business models, and Mark and his firm have a proven record, including the protection of computer software and other intellectual property,” said Lair.

Henry and Hopkins’ record of success extends to the courtroom.  In April of this year, Henry and Hopkins won a verdict of $12.4 million dollars in a computer code trade secret case against Walmart Stores, Inc.  The two-week jury trial took place in Fayetteville, Walmart’s backyard.

“Our firms share a common set of core values, including a commitment to legal excellence, diversity and community service and our desire to provide excellent service to our clients,” Henry said.

Both of the firms represent technology companies in emerging industry practices and businesses on a national basis.  Already one of the largest Arkansas based law firms, Rose Law Firm has more than 35 lawyers.

About Rose Law Firm, a Professional Association

Founded in 1820 before Arkansas statehood, Rose Law Firm, a Professional Association, is a full service business law firm that focuses on commercial business transactions, complex commercial litigation, state and federal regulatory and administrative law, real estate and environmental law, estate and trust planning and administration, state and federal tax planning and disputes, and international law.  It is the oldest business of any kind in Arkansas, is the oldest law firm west of the Mississippi River and one of the oldest law firms in the nation.  For decades, it has been one of the largest law firms in Arkansas.  For representative clients or more information, please visit




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Areas of Practice

trade secrets

A trade secret is any piece of business information with economic value that has been kept confidential. Trade secret protection can extend to information, formulas, codes, methods, practices and many other items. It’s important to protect the nonpublic secrets, business methods and practices that make your business succeed. Our firm has dealt with misappropriation cases resulting in verdicts up to $12.4 million dollars. 


plant sciences and technology

PVPA refers to the Plant Variety Protection Act. Our firm has worked on more PVPA cases than any firm in the nation. This unique federal agricultural law protects plant breeders and universities alike. We can help breeders become PVPA certified and protect their future royalties on grains, wheat, grasses, peas and much more.


When our clients select a word, design or slogan that identifies their goods or services, we perform searches to ensure there are no previously registered or conflicting materials already existing. We can help you register your trademark in the United States or internationally. By starting out correctly before the launch of your brand, we can avoid many headaches down the road. Doing it the right way not only avoids confusion in the marketplace, it also may avoid legal action against you. Our trademark laws are here to protect you, but they can be difficult to navigate. We can help. 



Copyright law protects all creative materials – music compositions, art, architectural designs, sculptures and the written word. Our firm has represented clients to protect ownership of all of these types of works and many more. We can help you secure copyright registrations and enforce your rights in lawsuits when necessary. 

federal complex litigation

Our firm has handled more than 100 unique federal cases protecting intellectual property in more than 20 jurisdictions. We have extensive experience in these areas which include the following: patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, PVP infringement, licensing disputes, distributorships and unique agricultural laws protecting seeds.



Many cutting-edge industries rely on analytical sciences, technologies and inventions for their financial livelihood. The issues facing this business community are increasingly complex, and so are the boundaries drawn by federal patent protection and detailed licensing agreements. Our firm has a comprehensive understanding of these details, and this experience is invaluable when choosing a patent lawyer. 



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