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Tele-radiology computer code case

Southeast X-Ray, Inc., et al. v. Spears, et al., W.D. Ark., No. 13-CV-2026-PKH

Our firm defended against claims of copyright infringement and trade secret theft in a case involving teleradiology and X-Ray imaging software. In this case, the plaintiffs claimed to have authored a computer software program that was, in actuality, mostly built using publicly available, open-source computer code. Yet the plaintiffs claimed exclusive authorship and sued a former colleague. At the preliminary injunction hearing in the federal district court in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the plaintiff claimed, in addition to exclusive authorship, the material was a trade secret eligible for legal protection under the Arkansas Trade Secrets Act. Our computer expert used his wireless connection to the Internet and his laptop computer to demonstrate for the Court exactly why the plaintiff's claims were not accurate and even navigated to the plaintiff's own computer servers which were not secure. As a result, we defeated plaintiffs’ efforts to secure preliminary injunction and reached successful resolution.


Live Demo

Our computer expert was able to show in a live courtroom demonstration how easy it was to access the plaintiff's so-called "secret" database without any password. He was able to obtain easily the very information the plaintiff claimed was secret, which was important to the Court's decision to deny plaintiff relief at the preliminary injunction hearing. 

Mark Henry