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Trade Dress Infringement - Rotoworks of New Zealand

Rotoworks Int’l Ltd. v. Grassworks USA, LLC, W.D. Ark., No. 07-CV-5009

After a weeklong trial in Fayetteville Federal District Court, a jury determined that the defendant engaged in a bait-and-switch operation in this trademark infringement case. Our firm represented the New Zealand trademark owner, Rotoworks Int’l Ltd. The defendant, Grassworks USA, would advertise the New Zealand manufactured equipment but then ship a knock-off version to the customer. A jury returned a verdict of $375,000 for intentional trademark infringement and the court additionally awarded $191,699 in attorneys’ fees.


Can we get a calculator?

This is the note from the jury foreman during deliberations in this case. Usually that is a good sign for a plaintiff in any jury trial, and it was in this instance.